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Most people believe that proper1 eating habits may prevent many diet-related2 diseases.  Very often a diet rich in preservatives, saturated fat, and cholesterol is blamed for diabetes, obesity3  or colon cancer4. If one wants to stay healthy, he should avoid this kind of food. It seems to be trivial but is it really so easy to be put it into effect5 ?



Nowadays we are bombarded by theoverwhelming amount of highly processed food6. Food products are famous for ‘’the killers’’ such as: monosodium glutamate7, artificial flavorings8, and sweeteners. All these ingredients put together constitute a nice TOXIC COCKTAIL. Do you really want to check how it tastes?


Probably you are among people who find excuses9 in conviction that they cannot afford10 healthy, organic food. Doubtlessly, this kind of food is more expensive than the one that is sold in supermarkets. However, you should bear in my mind11 that you will benefit from12 this expense13  in the future. And if you claim that you are not  well-off14 enough, will you be able to spend hard-earned money on medication in ,,the autumn of life’’ ? Well, it is a rhetorical question...

What I can do to make you eat better is to give you a few pieces of advice


1proper - właściwy
2diet-related – związane z odżywianiem
3obesity - otyłość
4colon cancer – nowotwór okrężnicy
5put sth into effect –wcielać w życie
6highly processed – wysoce przetworzone
7monosodium glutamate–glutaminian sodowy
8artificial flavorings –sztuczne przyprawy
9excuses -wymówki
10afford – móc sobie na coś pozwolić
11bear in mind – mieć na uwadze
12benefit from – czerpać korzyści
13expense - wydatek
14well-off - bogaty

Autor: Nikolina Jaworska

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